News from SAW

News from SAW

Postby Mille » 29 Sep 2008, 08:26

Just recieved this from Melanie Sharp

We are sorry, at such short notice, to announce that Martin Bilson the UK vet is unable to visit Symi in October due to ill-health. He extends his apologies to everyone involved with the annual vet-week and thanks all for their support and hard work.
At the moment, we are unable to say when the next SAW vet will be available, but we hope to arrange something certainly by Spring 2009.
In the meantime, we will of course continue monitoring and caring for the street cats and dogs as much as we can.
Currently, there are so many kittens which we hope will grow into healthy and happy adult cats, the winter-feeding programme this year could well be a large one!

Thankyou once again and we will keep posted as to any future developments.

We wish Martin a speedy recovery and offer our best wishes to both him and Pam.

Melanie Sharp
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News from SAW

Postby symivisitor » 06 Oct 2008, 23:48

The news that there would be no Autumn vet visit on Symi this year, due to unforseen circumstances, has been a major worry to us all. We apologise to everyone who had planned on bringing their animals along to the surgery and hope that you can make alternative arrangements.
I have been in contact with the Greek Animal Welfare Fund about another issue and mentioned that Martin is unwell. On hearing this, they were as concerned as us, so much so that they have promised to send a GAWF vet over to Symi in the Spring. Final plans will be made in the near future.
This is such wonderful, encouraging news, we look forward to meeting the GAWF team early next year!

We will keep you up to date, thank you all again for your kind wishes and constant support,

Melanie, Hazel, Claudia and Tove
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