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Avatars, for those who were wondering, are the little pictures that appear to the left of a post, underneath the poster's name. Like the sunglass reflection next to this message.

As a result of the recent server crash at the forum hosting company most of the avatars were lost.

We have recovered as many as possible and moved them to another server where they should be safe from a similar event in the future.

Users' profiles have been edited to show the original avatar but from the new location so people shouldn't see any difference.

Sadly, a small number couldn't be recovered so we had to replace those with a blank square.

We encourage users to add an avatar to their profile because it gives a kind of 'personality' to their posts and makes posts by individual users easy to spot in a list.

To add or change your avatar click the word 'profile' at the top of this page. You may be asked for your username and password again for security reasons. Then under 'Avatar Selection' you can select the picture you like from the list. Click 'Submit' if you find one you like or, to leave things as they were, click the 'Back to forum' text.

We have added a stack of new avatars to the list since the crash and will be adding many more over the coming days. If you can't find anything you like or would prefer a more personalised picture (as several members have done) just drop us a line at sv_chatpage@symi.eu.com and we'll see what we can do.
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