Any new blogs around?

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Any new blogs around?

Postby Thomasdk » 22 Sep 2021, 07:52

So, now that Symidream has closed down the blog and Adriana doesn't really update any longer, it seems, are there any new blogs I've missed?
I know there are several Facebook groups with photos of Symi, which I love, but I really miss being able to read about life on Symi in general.
I can fully understand why one would eventually become tired of having to post news constantly, but now and then would be great. Just something,
in addition to only photos.
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Re: Any new blogs around?

Postby Janet E » 25 Oct 2021, 16:39

It's a shame there doesn't appear to be a regular blogger on Symi any more. I have a blog for our village in the UK and yes, it is often difficult, living in a small community to find news to write about. Somehow I manage to post every four days, even if its just bits and pieces of trivia about our personal lives. Running a blog is a good way of recording day to day life, which at some point in the future may be of interest to others and used for reference. My blogs are printed and bound on an annual basis and then lodged with our county's record office. So, if anyone resident on Symi reads this, I would say to you - go on and have a go.
Janet E
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Re: Any new blogs around?

Postby Lisa B » 21 Nov 2021, 23:22

Couldn't agree more, really missing a Symi fix!!
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