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Home again!

Postby JuliaB » 08 Oct 2021, 16:53

It’s twenty years since we first visited Symi. Back then the island had barely stepped into the twentieth century, let alone the twenty-first. There was only a handful of cars (taxis); donkeys carried our luggage to our accommodation. Much has changed (too many cars and scooters now) but the welcome from the local people is still as warm as ever. Those who were children in 2001 are now in charge of family businesses and proud to introduce their children to us. Some people can't believe that we return to the island again and again but we always find something different to do . . . a new walk, try another restaurant (this time Lyris on the town square) . . . and we never tire of the views.

Making sure that we had all paperwork in order was stressful but well worth the effort. Goodbye, Symi, for the time-being. We'll see you next year!
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Re: Home again!

Postby Lisa B » 10 Oct 2021, 11:24

Hi, we love hearing from people who have so many visits under their belts. Sadly we've only been 3 times but are working on it! We went to Lyris in 2019 and it's become one of our favourites. It is lovely seeing the children grow and the changes in just a couple of years. Back there in July '22, counting the days x
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