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Re: Sublime Symi in September

Postby Pollychops » 01 Oct 2017, 13:27

Hi D & E, a fine end to your September blog and we thoroughly enjoyed it. Don't worry about gramma and incorec spelins ha ha. Just for you to take time out of your holiday and share your experiences with us is wonderful and greatly welcomed and now approaching winter we wait till next spring for your next blog. What we do over the winter is dip back into the trip reports to cheer us up so thank you for posting and long may it continue. Good luck with kitten hunting.
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Re: Sublime Symi in September

Postby silverfox » 01 Oct 2017, 14:41

Symi is indeed a place you can easily enjoy and the food is the best we have had on any of the many Greek Islands we have been lucky enough to visit.

What is special, D&E is your willingness to share your precious time on Symi with others and your lust for the places, food and good company.

You must sell so many holidays and so much food on Symi.

Hoping your search for a new kitten goes well and have a great winter and hope to see many more blogs next year!

Take care and many thanks!

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Re: Sublime Symi in September

Postby D and E » 01 Oct 2017, 18:17

So many thanks for the kind words Pollychops and Silverfox - it is very much appreciated.

We also welcome so much your blogs and postings - it is great that like minded people can share their experiences of this wonderful place and other places - like Gemma1 has posted about Crete - on this superb Symi Chat Forum and we thank those who keep the platform alive.

It is indeed autumnal bordering on wintery here in Mid Wales today.

The local Cats Protection League are visiting us tomorrow night so we will see how that pans out ......

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