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Overnight in Rhodes

PostPosted: 06 Apr 2012, 10:16
by regina
I'm looking for an accommodation in Rhodes near the harbour. Since I'm going to spend just the evening and the night in Rhodes on my way to Symi and return I'm looking for a cheap and clean accomodation.
Maziemoo mentioned Plaza and Hermes. Silvia Hotel (in Kolokotroni)found on is rather cheap (single room €40 per night breakfast included in August) and looks quite near the harbour. Tripadvisor gives good review. Has any of you ever heard of it?
Or maybe can anyone make a suggestion?

Overnight in Rhodes

PostPosted: 06 Apr 2012, 15:10
by Jan
The Silvia is absolutely fine for an overnight stay - clean, quiet and comfortable - but well out of the centre of town. You're within easy walking/case-pulling distance of the Commercial Harbour but it's a fair bit further to Kolona and if you don't know where you're going (I'm assuming this will be your first visit to Rhodes if it's your first to Symi) you'll need to leave plenty of time to make sure you go to the correct harbour.

Don't let that put you off the Silvia, but you do need to know that you'll be staying somewhere which may not have a ready supply of taxis etc on the doorstep.

Overnight in Rhodes

PostPosted: 10 Apr 2012, 09:32
by regina
Thank you Jan!
Yes, this will be my first time in Symi while I've already been to Rhodes many years ago and I don't remember much of the town.
May I ask what you mean when you say "well out of the centre" and "may not have a ready supply of taxis"?
Would it be hard to get to the old town for a walk at night? I'm a solo traveller so I'd be alone.
Do you think it won't be easy to find a taxi to reach Kolona/Mandraki in time to catch the morning boat to Symi?

Overnight in Rhodes

PostPosted: 11 Apr 2012, 17:22
by Jan
Sorry, the answer to both your questions is 'I don't know'.

We've overnighted at the Silvia once; arrived late evening and left early the following morning so didn't do anything on arrival but have a drink (or two) at the hotel bar and go to bed. We walked down to the harbour in the morning (knew where we were going) so didn't look for a taxi.

The area where the Silvia is situated is quite quiet and 'local' which made it ideal for us. I'm sure the hotel reception would call a taxi for you but you might want to arrange that the night before (ie on arrival).

Good luck!


Overnight in Rhodes

PostPosted: 11 Apr 2012, 20:06
by peterv
The Silvia is clean and good for a night at a reasonable price.

It is about 20 minutes walk with a heavy case to the commercial harbour and about 3 minutes to the edge of Rhodes old town.

If you need a taxi, reception will order one for you, but beware you may have to pay a telephone booking fee on top of the fare to the taxi driver.

Overnight in Rhodes

PostPosted: 14 Apr 2012, 12:48
by regina
Thank you, Jan and peterv for your reply.
Although I have to spend there just one night on my way to Symi and return it's important that the hotel is clean and quiet.
A 3 minute walk to get to the old town is an easy walk and I believe I can have dinner and a walk there.
A 20 minute walk to get to the harbour may be hard if you have to carry your luggage! Anyway, I should arrive at Rhodes in the afternoon so I should have plenty of time to explore the area and see with my own eyes (better feet!) how hard it can be. Then I can always ask the receptionist to call a taxi for me! ;-)
I think I have made my decision and Silvia can be suitable to me.